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Compared with the metal and non-metal co2 laser cutting machine, this type co2 laser cutter has the larger work surface. Similarly,this co2 laser cutting machine can realize what you want to cut on metal and non-metal material, especially the maxinum cutting thickness for carbon/stainless steel is up to1.5mm and the maxinum cutting thickness for acrylic and plastic is 25mm (1 inch), and for wood is 3/4 inch. In addition, CO2 laser cutting machine equiped with the capacitive auto-height adjusting cutting head, making the work more convinient. and  with the highly efficient sealed CO2 tube with 10,000 hours MTBF, making you don’t worry about you laser equipment.


  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 set
  • Supply ability: 250 Set/Sets per Month
  • Beteljen Terms: L/C D/A D/P T/T
  • US: 4000-8000
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    1.150W CO2 laser cuts meardere materialen ynklusyf metaal en net-metaal;
    2.Maxinum cutting dikte foar koalstof / RVS is 1.2mm (stielen allinne, oare metalen dy't jo nedich hawwe beskôgje fiber lasers);
    3.Maxinum cutting dikte foar acryl en plestik is 25mm (1 inch), en foar hout is 3/4 inch;
    4.Capacitive Auto-hichte oanpasse cutting haad;
    5.Programmable cutting assist gas solenoid;
    6.Highly effisjint fersegele CO2 buis mei 10.000 oeren MTBF.

    Laser power upgrade
    The laser machine’s power is optional from 40w to 280w and different power cut different thicknesses materials

    knife counter
    It can be used to cut hard materials, except that it has relatively long service.

    Metal and nonmetal cutting laser head
    It can be used to cut metal and nonmetal materials. At the same time,it can be realized to focus automatically.

    Technical Parameters

    Working Area 1300 * 2500mm 1500 * 3000mm
    Laser Power 80w/100w/120w/150w/180w 80w/100w/120w/150w/180w
    It lokalisearjen Foarkommen ≤ + 0.01mm ≤ + 0.01mm
    engraving Speed 0-20000mm / min 0-20000mm / min
    Min. gravure Grutte English Letter. 1.0mm*1.0mm English Letter. 1.0mm*1.0mm
    Cooling Type water Cooling water Cooling
    Cooling Software DSP Control System DSP Control System
    Heechste skenne Precision 2500DPI 2500DPI


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  • Model O-BM 1325 O-BM 1530
    Working Area 1300 * 2500mm 1500 * 3000mm
    Laser Power 150W
    Laser Type CO2 Sealed Laser Tube, 10.6μm
    Cooling Type water Cooling
    engraving Speed 0-20000mm / min
    Laser útfier Control 0-100% ynsteld troch Software
    Min. gravure Grutte Sineesk: 2.0mm * 2.0mm; English Letter: 1.0mm * 1.0mm
    Heechste skenne Precision 2500DPI
    It lokalisearjen Foarkommen ≤ + 0.01mm
    kontrolearjende Software DSP Control System
    Graphic Format Unterstützte DST, PLT, BMP, DXF, DWG, AI, LAS, etc
    Compatible Software Tajima, CorelDraw, Photoshop, Autocad, ALLE type AutoCAD SOFTWARE YN doek
    drive System High-precision Stepper Motor
    auxiliary Fan Exhaust Fan en Air Exhaust Pipe
    Streamtafier AC110V / 220V ± 10%, 50Hz / 60HZ
    Wurkomjouwing Temperatuer: 0-45 ℃, Humidity5-95% (No Condensate Water)
    Opsje Honeycomb Worktable, Rotary Apparaat, Red Dot Posysje System


    Snije gravearje
    Acryl, Plexiglass, PMMA, Perspex, Organic Board, Double Color Plate
    Kunststof, PP, PET, PC, PMMA, PS, PES, PA, plastic Foils & Films, Polycarbonate, Polyester of Polyimide membraan Keyboards
    Wood, Bamboe, Skateboard, MDF, blása Wood, tripleks
    Leather, Pig leer, Cow leer, Skiep leder
    Textiel, Cotton, Silk, Felt, Lace, Synthetic & Technische Textiles, Aramid, Polyester Fleece ×
    Foam & Filter, Mats Polyester (PES), polyetyleen (PE), polyurethane (PUR) × ×
    Neopren × ×
    Papier, Karton, Chipboard, Druk Board
    Stone, Ceramic, Granite, Marble, Natural Stone, Pebble Stone, Leien ×
    Rubber Stamps, Synthetic & Silicone Rubber, Natural rubberen, Microporous Foam
    Silicone Rubber, Synthetic Rubber
    Glass, Pressed Glas, Float Glas, Crystal Glas, Mirror Glass ×
    Carbon Staal, Stainless Steel ×
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